Sunday, 17 January 2016

This Coming Week

Hello everyone,

Just a mini post today because I do not want to leave these pages barren and unloved but do not currently have an entire blog post topic in mind, so this is more of a little update on this week and the things to come.

So on Monday the plan is to go with my family, a current house guest and I, to the Hard Rock Dubai pub quiz ( ) (( )) 

Last week it was just myself and I and we think we came about 4th, we had a challenge as our ages mean some stuff was a tad, (and I am surprised to hear myself uttering these words) before our time. There was an entire round where you needed to guess the band and as a bonus the year the songs all came out in. The year was 1987. I was -6, I was not yet in existence. So Hopefully armed with people with a little more time on this planet we will perform better this week, and its never bad food at the Hard Rock so even if we don't place there are always positives. :) 

I am currently in possession of both raspberry vodka and blueberry liqueur, thanks to two very nice people, so am pilot testing a new cocktail. I am thinking it will be something like   "A Very Berry Martini" or "A Very Berry Overload." I am still tweaking what goes into it, and at the moment its rather on the sweet side so I think I need to either mix up the proportions or add another component to give it a bit more balance. 

Watch this space, and as always, thank you for reading :)

Monday, 11 January 2016

The Force Awakes

Hello lovelies,

I have finally managed to go see The Force Awakens. I know I actually caught up to everyone else. 

I have been hiding my head under the sand and trying desperately to not see spoilers online as seemingly everyone else on the internet saw the damn thing. Well hiding and seething with jealousy. 

So yes, film seen, in glorious 3D IMAX which is a combination between feeling right in the action and blasting your speakers so loudly the bass gives you cardiac arrest.  

This film was one of the most anticipated of the year I believe. 

There had always been a huge Star Wars following and droves of fans despite the ages of the films, both the originals and the prequels.

Episode IV: A New Hope (1977)

Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back (1980)

Episode VI: Return of the Jedi (1983)

Episode I: The Phantom Menace (1999)

Episode II: Attack of the Clones (2002)

Episode III: Revenge of the Sith (2005)

Episode VII: The Force Awakens (2015)

Episode VIII (2017)

Episode IX (2019)

I did add in there the Star Wars films to come (dun, dun, dun)

Around the time of announcement there were mixed reactions around the interwebs, 

And of course because Disney now owns Star Wars

But mostly I agree with this

and after seeing it all I want is a BB8, they do have the really tiny model available but for the price it seems a bit steep.....does not stop me wanting it though.

So ultimately the film.

I never really am negative about films, I like going to the cinema, its a fun trip out and I always enjoy meeting up with people to go in a group, so a film has to be really terrible for me to have a bad experience.

So really its not a huge surprise that I loved this film, to some extent again, its Star Wars. The plot made sense and was understandable, the returning actors reprising their roles were all really good and the aging worked to their advantage. 

People were being quite cheeky online about Carrie Fisher, saying that she has not aged too well. I think that is unbelievably rude really to comment on. She still looks like the same person from the originals, still the same kind eyes and still quite clearly princess Leia. Lets face it, were people legitimately expecting her to still look like sexy slave Leia in the metal bikini? She is not super human and at just under 60 I would not believe it was her if she was still looking THAT good.

Harrison Ford is still pretty good looking for being in his 70's. Still 100% Hans Solo, down to the same/a flipping similar leather jacket, cheeky grin and general cocky attitude while running around the Millennium Falcon. I especially liked a lot of the throwback comments to the older films, such as one character asking if it was the ship that made the Kessel Run in 14 parescs, just for Hans to shout "in less than 12!"
Actually I am pretty pleased to have an action hero in a relevant piece who is older than 30. Nice to see you can still age and kick some ass. 

Speaking of ass kicking.....

I absolutely adored the new female lead, who managed to hold her own and live up to the Star Wars (almost) tradition of fighting ladies who are anything but helpless.

It feels annoying really to still be commenting on strong female characters in science fiction but they can still be argued to be in the minority. Either way regardless of gender this character, in my opinion, was really well written. Good dialogue that did not sound ridiculous to say, thought out and logical decisions and one of my favorite points, not wearing something ridiculously skimpy or impractical. One of my biggest pet peeves is impractical female attire in media. I was really annoying in Jurassic World at the female lead outrunning a T-Rex while still wearing high heels, or when something similar happens in Bond where the heroines never stumble or twist an ankle. 

There have been a few conspiracy theories trying to link who Rey really is, and there is a lot of wiggle room surrounding the family that is mentioned a few times but without any real details. 

One theory floating around is about her being related to Luke Skywalker as the light saber she ends up acquiring has belonged to two previous generations of Skywalker and now calls to her with such force. 

I sort of hope it turns out that she is not actually related to any of the other previous characters, not that it is really an issue but so far in the Star Wars universe everyone seems to be related to everyone else and it would make a nice change. I think it may also work better with the plot in general that, a little like with Aniken, this person was just found, and coincidentally has a way with the force. 

I think the best note to end on would be the array of random camio’s in this film.

Simon Pegg as Unkar Plutt, that is in fact the dealer who gives Rey various fractions of portions for collected scrap, and noticeably offers 60 portions for the adorable BB8 droid, which is refused.  

Greg Grumberg as one of the reistance mebers Snap Wexley,

And randomly and possibly my favorite, Daniel Craig who was an (unaccredited) susceptible Storm Trooper, the one who utters the line “I will tighten those restraints, scavenger scum.” 

As Always, thank you for reading :)

Monday, 4 January 2016

Irresolute Resolutions

Well lovelies it is that time of year again. I know, I know everyone everywhere on the interwebs is probably covering this topic, around the water cooler all of your co workers are probably discussing their improvement plans and if you are regular gym-goers than you may be filled with that sensation of dread at the incoming influx of new, somewhat clueless members.

I shall try to not make this any worse.

No really.

So I am not a huge fan of New Year resolutions, for a few reasons.

 1.  Why do you need to wait until the New Year to try and make improvements or changes. It’s a lot like saying ‘I will start tomorrow’ or ‘I will do it on Monday.’ [insert little clip of Shai la Bouf screaming ‘just do it’ here]

 2.  People always seem to be very unreasonable with their resolutions, for example saying I will look like Kate Moss by next year, while possible, for me is highly unlikely [especially considering my love of cake and alcohol ]

 3.  People tend to make resolutions that, while may be for the best, make them unhappy. I just feel like that is silly and if you are forcing yourself to do something you dislike, or hate even, then you are just that bit closer to giving up.

An alternative to firm resolutions, at least in my book, would be more general improvements rather than having really resolute, strict rules like ‘I will gym every day’ instead perhaps something more like ‘I will try and exercise more within reason.’ Reason here being if you get in one day at 8 at night and you have to chose between dinner and getting to the gym before it shuts, sit your butt down and have dinner. Make a mental note of it and when you are in a better position use that as motivation to go another time.

One thing I do is just try and keep a better log of what I get up to. There are no quotas or rules, but each day I get to see what I have been like each month and that sort of stays with me in the day and helps later when I try and decide things.
Anyway that is enough rambling from me, I hope everyone has had a great New Year and Christmas and is not finding being back at work too painful.

Thanks for reading :)

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Catch Up

Right I am skipping the whole apology type paragraph where I say sorry a large number of times, perhaps offer you all some sort of excuse and generally sound a tad pathetic and sorry for myself. I have just been busy in the last year and a half, got my masters degree, moved twice, ended a significant relationship and now am back in the sunny, sandy, shiny Dubai. *Phew*.*Releases* breath I was not aware I was even holding. 

Yeah I know, I am just a bit naff.


So I have decided that since there have been abundant changes in my life recently (mostly good, I might add), that I would start this little baby up again. 

When I started this blog I was so energetic and full of promise, but like a lot of good intentions, you eventually run out of that initial excited feel and then it becomes a little bit like work really, and just needs that bit more effort.

Round 2 begins now though!! 

I did think about putting out a huge list of things I wanted to talk about and blog about, and after about 3 attempts of typing it I realized my brain is going in several directions. 

Part of me was thinking of getting a bit heavy and trying to put down my thoughts about what is going on in the world at the moment but I actually think that would not work out well for anyone. I will get angry, and upset, because if I was going to hypothetically write about these things I would make sure I did research rather than just quoting things from the media. 

I am also aware that these are hardly fun topics and to be quite honest I would not seek out a blog talking about these things when I wanted to relax, so why would I expect others to do the same.

Lets just try and keep things light and fun.

Heck lets just try and keep this flipping blog going for a while :P

So some things I am planning on putting here in the next few weeks:

- The move back to Dubai, and a few pictures and things of interesting events here

- Christmas type post, maybe a gift guide, maybe just a general natter

- Gingerbread, yes I know there is a post literally on the same page from gingerbread in 2014 (for the August Christmas), but if I kept it breif, just linked the previous recipe etc and just have fun pictures and descriptions of kitchen mayhem? 

- Some sort of silly post about the general animals around the house/in my life at the moment, as the number seems to be continuously increasing

- Maybe a post around alternative fitness ideas, I am pinning for pole fitness and the circus skills area so why not describe those and some other ways that working out can feel less like hell.

These are rough and I do not make a ton of promises but I think these are a nice manageable target.

Until next time! 

(Which will be soon, promise) 
((Like before 2016 soon!))

Found this little guy in my room one evening :)

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Edge Of Tomorrow

Hello everyone, guess where I have been?

That's right, I popped off to the cinema again, as I am prone to do each Wednesday if there is something of interest on the big screen. 

This week it was for this, action packed, explosion filled, would-kill-for-Emily-Blunts-body extravaganza.

Seriously look at that woman...

Right so anyways, for those who have not seen the film or its advertising the main trailer is below, feel free to check it out. This isn't going anywhere, don't worry. 

I was keen to see it after watching both of the main characters on the Graham Norton show,where they were talking about the rigs they were wearing in the film, (apparently horrendously heavy and even the weight training before filming did not prepare them), about the various sci-fi elements of the film, and (my favourite) the number of different death screams/noises Cruise had to come up with for the extensive and various deaths he has in this film, alluded to by the trailer. 

So, as always I shall try to not spoil anything, or at least anything vital. 

William Cage (Tom Cruise) and Rita Vrataski (Emily Blunt) are both military personnel who find themselves in a unique situation, predominantly that Cage is re-living the same day again and again, which just happens to be the day before the force they are in, deploys to a huge battle. As you probably gathered from the trailer, the attack is less than successful and does not leave many (any) survivors.

To combat this problem Vrataski realises what is happening to Cage, namely when he dies he wakes up, in the same place, on the same day, at the same time, being shouted at by the same sergeant. The key in this is that he is allowed to remember the days he has already lived, which by the end of the film we are led to believe is a rather high number. I would estimate over a hundred easily.  So using this knowledge Cage is trained by Vrataski, whose character is affectionately nick named the 'Full Metal Bitch,' to use this and try different things every time until they find something that works and allows them to survive. The plot follows on from there until, without spoiling too much, they are able to solve the entire battle/slaughter problem. 

H's review:

  "Ground hog day, but with GUNS!! :D"

This film was actually a pleasant surprise for me, I was genuinely not enthused to see this, it was more for H and my plan was to enjoy Emily Blunt for a while but I ended up really enjoying it. 

The plot was well explained, no major gaping holes or plot points, Good CGI effects particularly on the 'bad guy' creatures, which I did really want to show but was worried it would be too spoilerific (will probably stick one on the end of this blog so if you do not want to see don't scroll to the bottom).

Really loved the character of  Rita Vrataski, was not anticipating her to be a strong female lead, especially in a film with Tom Cruise who tends to have a large screen presence and sometimes forces other characters into the sidelines a tad, the 'Full Metal Bitch' was great for taking no shit, being the leader and making damn sure everyone knew it.

I also thought that the multiple time line[s] were handled really well, you are not forced to watch every single attempt, more you see how each one gets slightly further, or not as the case may be, and Cruise is funny in the sheer number of ways they manage to kill him and make it funny. As of June 15, 2014, the film has grossed $238 million worldwide (wow!). 

Overall I would recommend this film if you are a science fiction fan, or even fan of comedy as a genre. It works well and by the end it meets its goal of getting you to root for the main characters and will them on their way to the big, explode-y ending.

( ohh and If any of you are overly familiar with Heathrow Airport then you will see quite a lot of it in the film which ties it into the real world nicely.)

As always thanks for reading :)

CGI baddie below, I couldn't resist, I think they look really cool!

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Hope Everyone Had a Fab Christmas!!

Hope Everyone Had a Fab Christmas!!

Hello lovelies :)

Hope everyone had a fab Christmas, with a few nice pressies dotted around, some good food, and if you are me a bonkers family around. 

My Christmas was on the welsh boarder in Shrewsbury to be with my grandmother, my family flew in on the 23rd which resulted in the strangest, quickest pulling Christmas together I have ever seen.  Doing the full Christmas food shop on Christmas eve was..interesting. We did go at 7 in the morning to try and avoid mayhem but there were still a few wide eyed people hurriedly pushing carts around grabbing things franticly. 

I had a really nice Christmas but mostly because I don't get to see my family very often so when I do it is really a treat.  I think though that the rest of my family were missing the canine members of the family. Here they are below modelling some pound-land Christmas jackets I bought them last year. The thinking was if they destroyed them it was only two pounds gone, yet a year later here they are going on walkies with them. 

I am currently writing this while my flat smells of stew, H is making Guinness pie as he was bought a pie set for Christmas and even though it is using Guinness I swear it smells like a red wine sauce. Smells ridiculously good and I am annoyed it will take two hours of simmering before it gets put into pastry and baked. The smell is making me hungryyyyy.

Hope everyone has had a lovely holiday, no matter how short as I know some people end up working either Christmas eve, boxing day or even New year. I know in the past my mum, nurse Nancy has worked Christmas day so if you did end up working annoying days, well done you!

Feel free to tell me what you did, or received for Christmas, I would love to know :)