Monday, 4 January 2016

Irresolute Resolutions

Well lovelies it is that time of year again. I know, I know everyone everywhere on the interwebs is probably covering this topic, around the water cooler all of your co workers are probably discussing their improvement plans and if you are regular gym-goers than you may be filled with that sensation of dread at the incoming influx of new, somewhat clueless members.

I shall try to not make this any worse.

No really.

So I am not a huge fan of New Year resolutions, for a few reasons.

 1.  Why do you need to wait until the New Year to try and make improvements or changes. It’s a lot like saying ‘I will start tomorrow’ or ‘I will do it on Monday.’ [insert little clip of Shai la Bouf screaming ‘just do it’ here]

 2.  People always seem to be very unreasonable with their resolutions, for example saying I will look like Kate Moss by next year, while possible, for me is highly unlikely [especially considering my love of cake and alcohol ]

 3.  People tend to make resolutions that, while may be for the best, make them unhappy. I just feel like that is silly and if you are forcing yourself to do something you dislike, or hate even, then you are just that bit closer to giving up.

An alternative to firm resolutions, at least in my book, would be more general improvements rather than having really resolute, strict rules like ‘I will gym every day’ instead perhaps something more like ‘I will try and exercise more within reason.’ Reason here being if you get in one day at 8 at night and you have to chose between dinner and getting to the gym before it shuts, sit your butt down and have dinner. Make a mental note of it and when you are in a better position use that as motivation to go another time.

One thing I do is just try and keep a better log of what I get up to. There are no quotas or rules, but each day I get to see what I have been like each month and that sort of stays with me in the day and helps later when I try and decide things.
Anyway that is enough rambling from me, I hope everyone has had a great New Year and Christmas and is not finding being back at work too painful.

Thanks for reading :)

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