Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Catch Up

Right I am skipping the whole apology type paragraph where I say sorry a large number of times, perhaps offer you all some sort of excuse and generally sound a tad pathetic and sorry for myself. I have just been busy in the last year and a half, got my masters degree, moved twice, ended a significant relationship and now am back in the sunny, sandy, shiny Dubai. *Phew*.*Releases* breath I was not aware I was even holding. 

Yeah I know, I am just a bit naff.


So I have decided that since there have been abundant changes in my life recently (mostly good, I might add), that I would start this little baby up again. 

When I started this blog I was so energetic and full of promise, but like a lot of good intentions, you eventually run out of that initial excited feel and then it becomes a little bit like work really, and just needs that bit more effort.

Round 2 begins now though!! 

I did think about putting out a huge list of things I wanted to talk about and blog about, and after about 3 attempts of typing it I realized my brain is going in several directions. 

Part of me was thinking of getting a bit heavy and trying to put down my thoughts about what is going on in the world at the moment but I actually think that would not work out well for anyone. I will get angry, and upset, because if I was going to hypothetically write about these things I would make sure I did research rather than just quoting things from the media. 

I am also aware that these are hardly fun topics and to be quite honest I would not seek out a blog talking about these things when I wanted to relax, so why would I expect others to do the same.

Lets just try and keep things light and fun.

Heck lets just try and keep this flipping blog going for a while :P

So some things I am planning on putting here in the next few weeks:

- The move back to Dubai, and a few pictures and things of interesting events here

- Christmas type post, maybe a gift guide, maybe just a general natter

- Gingerbread, yes I know there is a post literally on the same page from gingerbread in 2014 (for the August Christmas), but if I kept it breif, just linked the previous recipe etc and just have fun pictures and descriptions of kitchen mayhem? 

- Some sort of silly post about the general animals around the house/in my life at the moment, as the number seems to be continuously increasing

- Maybe a post around alternative fitness ideas, I am pinning for pole fitness and the circus skills area so why not describe those and some other ways that working out can feel less like hell.

These are rough and I do not make a ton of promises but I think these are a nice manageable target.

Until next time! 

(Which will be soon, promise) 
((Like before 2016 soon!))

Found this little guy in my room one evening :)

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