Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Edge Of Tomorrow

Hello everyone, guess where I have been?

That's right, I popped off to the cinema again, as I am prone to do each Wednesday if there is something of interest on the big screen. 

This week it was for this, action packed, explosion filled, would-kill-for-Emily-Blunts-body extravaganza.

Seriously look at that woman...

Right so anyways, for those who have not seen the film or its advertising the main trailer is below, feel free to check it out. This isn't going anywhere, don't worry. 

I was keen to see it after watching both of the main characters on the Graham Norton show,where they were talking about the rigs they were wearing in the film, (apparently horrendously heavy and even the weight training before filming did not prepare them), about the various sci-fi elements of the film, and (my favourite) the number of different death screams/noises Cruise had to come up with for the extensive and various deaths he has in this film, alluded to by the trailer. 

So, as always I shall try to not spoil anything, or at least anything vital. 

William Cage (Tom Cruise) and Rita Vrataski (Emily Blunt) are both military personnel who find themselves in a unique situation, predominantly that Cage is re-living the same day again and again, which just happens to be the day before the force they are in, deploys to a huge battle. As you probably gathered from the trailer, the attack is less than successful and does not leave many (any) survivors.

To combat this problem Vrataski realises what is happening to Cage, namely when he dies he wakes up, in the same place, on the same day, at the same time, being shouted at by the same sergeant. The key in this is that he is allowed to remember the days he has already lived, which by the end of the film we are led to believe is a rather high number. I would estimate over a hundred easily.  So using this knowledge Cage is trained by Vrataski, whose character is affectionately nick named the 'Full Metal Bitch,' to use this and try different things every time until they find something that works and allows them to survive. The plot follows on from there until, without spoiling too much, they are able to solve the entire battle/slaughter problem. 

H's review:

  "Ground hog day, but with GUNS!! :D"

This film was actually a pleasant surprise for me, I was genuinely not enthused to see this, it was more for H and my plan was to enjoy Emily Blunt for a while but I ended up really enjoying it. 

The plot was well explained, no major gaping holes or plot points, Good CGI effects particularly on the 'bad guy' creatures, which I did really want to show but was worried it would be too spoilerific (will probably stick one on the end of this blog so if you do not want to see don't scroll to the bottom).

Really loved the character of  Rita Vrataski, was not anticipating her to be a strong female lead, especially in a film with Tom Cruise who tends to have a large screen presence and sometimes forces other characters into the sidelines a tad, the 'Full Metal Bitch' was great for taking no shit, being the leader and making damn sure everyone knew it.

I also thought that the multiple time line[s] were handled really well, you are not forced to watch every single attempt, more you see how each one gets slightly further, or not as the case may be, and Cruise is funny in the sheer number of ways they manage to kill him and make it funny. As of June 15, 2014, the film has grossed $238 million worldwide (wow!). 

Overall I would recommend this film if you are a science fiction fan, or even fan of comedy as a genre. It works well and by the end it meets its goal of getting you to root for the main characters and will them on their way to the big, explode-y ending.

( ohh and If any of you are overly familiar with Heathrow Airport then you will see quite a lot of it in the film which ties it into the real world nicely.)

As always thanks for reading :)

CGI baddie below, I couldn't resist, I think they look really cool!

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