Thursday, 2 January 2014

Hope Everyone Had a Fab Christmas!!

Hope Everyone Had a Fab Christmas!!

Hello lovelies :)

Hope everyone had a fab Christmas, with a few nice pressies dotted around, some good food, and if you are me a bonkers family around. 

My Christmas was on the welsh boarder in Shrewsbury to be with my grandmother, my family flew in on the 23rd which resulted in the strangest, quickest pulling Christmas together I have ever seen.  Doing the full Christmas food shop on Christmas eve was..interesting. We did go at 7 in the morning to try and avoid mayhem but there were still a few wide eyed people hurriedly pushing carts around grabbing things franticly. 

I had a really nice Christmas but mostly because I don't get to see my family very often so when I do it is really a treat.  I think though that the rest of my family were missing the canine members of the family. Here they are below modelling some pound-land Christmas jackets I bought them last year. The thinking was if they destroyed them it was only two pounds gone, yet a year later here they are going on walkies with them. 

I am currently writing this while my flat smells of stew, H is making Guinness pie as he was bought a pie set for Christmas and even though it is using Guinness I swear it smells like a red wine sauce. Smells ridiculously good and I am annoyed it will take two hours of simmering before it gets put into pastry and baked. The smell is making me hungryyyyy.

Hope everyone has had a lovely holiday, no matter how short as I know some people end up working either Christmas eve, boxing day or even New year. I know in the past my mum, nurse Nancy has worked Christmas day so if you did end up working annoying days, well done you!

Feel free to tell me what you did, or received for Christmas, I would love to know :)

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