Sunday, 17 January 2016

This Coming Week

Hello everyone,

Just a mini post today because I do not want to leave these pages barren and unloved but do not currently have an entire blog post topic in mind, so this is more of a little update on this week and the things to come.

So on Monday the plan is to go with my family, a current house guest and I, to the Hard Rock Dubai pub quiz ( ) (( )) 

Last week it was just myself and I and we think we came about 4th, we had a challenge as our ages mean some stuff was a tad, (and I am surprised to hear myself uttering these words) before our time. There was an entire round where you needed to guess the band and as a bonus the year the songs all came out in. The year was 1987. I was -6, I was not yet in existence. So Hopefully armed with people with a little more time on this planet we will perform better this week, and its never bad food at the Hard Rock so even if we don't place there are always positives. :) 

I am currently in possession of both raspberry vodka and blueberry liqueur, thanks to two very nice people, so am pilot testing a new cocktail. I am thinking it will be something like   "A Very Berry Martini" or "A Very Berry Overload." I am still tweaking what goes into it, and at the moment its rather on the sweet side so I think I need to either mix up the proportions or add another component to give it a bit more balance. 

Watch this space, and as always, thank you for reading :)

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