Saturday, 13 July 2013

Now You See Me

Now You See Me 

So this weekend I went to see 'Now you see me."

It was a rather old release in that it was released at the end of May, so it is actually been out almost two months. In case you missed it, here is the trailer. There are a few others out there but I find them more revealing.

So even from the trailer some things are obvious. There are magicians, minimum four, who on stage rob a bank.  They are arrested, also shown in the clip, but it is less than effective. There is a detective, who time and time again I had to tell myself was not about to turn into the hulk,  who is on the case to solve/stop them. There is also Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman to name a few, the main magicians are all pretty well known actors, even with Jesse Eisenberg having some face fuzz.

Whole cast list here:

Overall I had high hopes for this film, I was mildly worried because the trailer shows some high tech elements and  some films have tried going down that line bringing in mega technical elements and they don't quite fit. They stick out or they just don't really mesh with the plot and sense takes a wrong turn. This thankfully kept it to a minimum, part of what helped this is that they don't take your hand and lead you through how everything worked step by step which in this sort of setting is good! For the most part it is fairly believable and the doesn't slip into matrix levels of headaches. 

The actual magic shown in the film is really fun, some older tricks are brought in like the rabbit in the box, and a lot, lot of new stuff that may not technically be possible in real life, the clip in the trailer shows a piece of equipment being unveiled with a magic type scarf expanding and swirling with a mind of its own. Most of the other bits though are believable and by the end when they connect the dots for you it makes sense as well as it needs to. Or you could be that suspicious person who talks and voices their suspicions out loud pointing bits out or saying don't believe that, don't trust that...until someone you went to see the movie with told me to shut up. 

Overall I was really excited to see this film and I wasn't disappointed which is always good. There is no point saying the word 'twist,' this sort of film screams it and lets be honest there are about 5 at an estimate. Its just that sort of film.

Either way if you fancy seeing it I really enjoyed it as did my family, with the teenager even going as far as saying " yea it was alright." In teenager language I think he was agreeing with the rest of us saying that it was rather good :P 

Hope everyone who is doing the summer holiday bit is having fun and those who are doing it a little less are still having a nice time. 

Thanks for reading :) xx

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