Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Heck Of A Month

Heck of a Month

Well my lovelies I do not know about you but for me it has been a heck of a month. Actually if we want to be pedantic it has been a weird two months.

May was the dreaded exam season which, lets face it, no one enjoys. Nerves, revision and a few sleepless nights of worrying. Was so glad when that was all over, after the last exam Hayden and I tagged along to a spontaneous trip to The Registry with some friends for a good burger and a cheeky drink or two.

June was far far more exiting.  Roaming around Portsmouth, enjoying freedom, the beach, flying kites and far far too much Minecraft. Even at one point I ended up winning the Shotbow Survival Games, which unlike other versions of the game involves 125 people, and somehow I managed to win. Not sure how but whe-hey.  
I also had my younger brother come to stay for about two weeks. Lots of photography as always, including the picture below which was a timelapse on the beach. What you cannot see is a chilled Olly and Hayden freezing our butts off because we had come for the sunset and Seb wanted to stay. It was an interesting time, as Seb and I sometimes do not see eye to eye. He is mid teens and much to my despair enjoys saying and I hate to type it, the dreaded Swag and Yolo. I think it is mostly to piss me off but no unfortunately a majority of his posts on FB just make me want to distance myself from him. That generation to me needs a bit of a slap. That and a kull of Beleibers would make my century. 

The best thing though this month for me was finally reaching a mega milestone, on my fourth try I finally passed my flipping driving licence.  It seems ordinary almost just typed there but to me it still feels like its not quite real. Four times there has been knotted stomachs, nerves, no appetite  60 pounds per lesson, 40 for the two hours in the car on the day and god knows how much on lessons to get me back up to scratch for the test. So unbelievably happy that it is finally over and no longer needs to be stressed and worried over. WOOOO!

Terrible picture of me but was so happy and grinning from ear to ear.

And now I never have to drive a Nisan micra if I do not want to! Learning to drive in that car has made me hate it. 

Now back home and chilling watching the hi-lights of Glastonbury and missing Hayden but enjoying the good food and not having to pay rent :D 

How has everyone been lately? Hope you have all having as nice a time as I am 

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