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Review Writing is Tricky

Review Writing Is Tricky 

Sounds so simple when you put it like that, but I had a stab at it and literally wrote about 20 words a day, removed 15 of them and then said, "I'll have another go tomorrow."

I tried to write a good review, and express my opinions more than just "I liked it", "I didn't like it ect." 

What was I trying to write about you ask?

*mumbles sheepishly* Game of Thrones *looks away*

So if you are at all similar to me you probably spend waay too much time on the interwebs, by the way reading this does not count, and the new Game of Thrones has been all over most sites I visit such as Imgur or Facebook. People are shocked, those who were previously aware from reading the books what would happen are smug, and in typical internet fashion there have been various parodies and arguments over the episode. 

I tried to write a review that started with a recap of the previous episode, which I firstly couldn't remember in full, just snippets, mostly of Jeoffery being a *cough* unpleasant individual, and Tyrion looking unhappy and then drunk. That and the best quote for me so far from the series:

"I am the god of tits and wine."

Really must try and find more everyday uses for this phrase, I think it's fantastic.  Also I think my mothers reaction to me saying this often would be amusing. 

Right so in lieu of a proper episode review, with well thought out comments and witty remarks I give you, in bullet points, my opinions on episode 9 of Season 3 of Game of Thrones, I have aimed for one per faction:

The Lanisters

In this episode there was a distinct lack of activity from Kingslanding. While I am not overly fond of the Lanisters in general, Tyrion and Sansa I do like partly because Tyrion is a fantastic character who is the gem of the Lanisters, yet is treated like a curse, and Sansa who is at least half still a Stark although she does have a tendency to act differently to the rest of the Starks. Arya is and the other male children took far more after their father while Sansa started to emulate Cerci Lanister quickly after arriving at Kingslanding copying her hair and dresses and being only too happy to play the part of the little Lanister lady.

Those travelling

In this case I mean Bran, Rickon, Osha, Hordor, Jojen and  Meera (the boy with seeing abilities and his sister) John Snow, Ygritte and the other wildlings. Finally there is Arya and the Hound.
In this episode John is revealed as expected to still be a crow rather than a wildling and a fight ensues in which everyone apart from the leader of the wildlings, Ygritte and John are left alive, confusingly John gallops off and leaves the other two with little thought.
Meanwhile the other children and Hodor and Osha are hiding in a tower right by the action, tantalisingly close to John before he leaves. They come so close to meeting, especially with Bran fighting as one of the wolves to defend John before he goes gallivanting off into the forest.
Similarly frustrating is Arya being so close to her family and almost being safe and happy with them, only to have any chance of reunion permanently quashed.  If any character deserved to be reunited, in my opinion, it would be her, seeing as she has had to witness her fathers execution (almost), travel with rapists and vagabonds while pretending to be a boy, escape from the brotherhood and generally put up with the Hound, only to be finally knocked unconscious and carried off again as the scene ends.

The scene at the Twins

This is the particular part which has the fans and internet reeling.  I for one spend this final scene with my hands over my mouth kind of going “no no no” as if it would help….. I did not like this scene, I felt attached to the characters, particularly all the baby talk between Rob and Talisa, reminding the audience that Ned is dead but offering a sweet mental image of a little Ned stark named for his grandfather. Everything for a little while was happy, the expecting couple, enjoying themselves at the feast that would secure them the necessary forces to strike back at the Lanisters, and heck even the unwilling groom was happy at how things had turned out. Then Catelyn, too late, discovered that this was a trap, by finding one of the men is wearing chain armour under his shirt and then basically all hell breaks lose.
One of the arguments now in the news is questioning the level of gore in this scene. Yes is it supposed to be a gory scene, lots of individuals die and it does achieve its goal that if the viewers had any control Walder Frey would spontaneously combust where he stood.  

I did not like this scene and it seems many share this view, but looking on the positives, Walder Frey is a fantastic villain, and now In my opinion rivals Jeoffery in the villain ring. He is malicious and cruel and now the fans are baying for his blood. 

All in all a good episode from a point of moving the story forward, character developing or removing I suppose and heck no one can deny, it got a response, but a deeply saddening episode. Looking forward to the next but still not sure I will ever forgive George Martin for this. 

Examples of reactions to the episode 

For me this summed up a lot 

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