Sunday, 14 July 2013

Doggy Woes

Doggy Woes 

So for those of you that don't know, and i'm sure that's everyone, I am majorly allergic to dogs. I mean it, this isn't a mild case of the sniffles, or even that I don't want to be around them. I tend to get rather ill unless there are a few precautions taken. Never the less my family particularly my mum and little brother have been wanting a puppy for a few years and honestly I don't blame them. I wanted a puppy as well but it just wasn't possible. 

Then I left to university in the UK and I think the waiting kind of built up so much that somehow the loonies that are my family decided that it was time the house was invaded by a canine. Annnd then I think as soon as they started looking around (puppy shopping??) they sort of decided, actually I think we need two. 

So one day I flew home from Uni and was greeted by these two silly sausages who instantly decided I was enemy number one and started barking and growling at me. I think this would have been far more effective if they we not so small. Honestly these two would only come up to my knees if they stood one on another. (note to self, circus dachshunds?) So after the initial sigh, and stepping over the dogs, much to their dislike so began the hobby of casual antihistamine and cold medicine whenever I come home. 

Honestly at first I wasn't sold on them. Can you blame me? Lets face it logic and sanity took a back seat when my parents got these two:

"Hmmm, daughter is highly allergic to dogs, even has been hospitalised by dogs, but I mean who can resist the smell of wet dog and the sound of barking?"

So yea was slightly less enthusiastic when I came home to find these two in the house and then I start sneezing, have to up my asthma jazz and heck having a permanent cold when I come home for the holls....yea annoying is a pretty big stretch. 

However after a few trips to the doctor, and then a allergy specialist, a full back scratch test of 30 samples, (scratch test is as it sounds, they put samples of different 'things' on your skin then scratch/prick you with a needle and wait to see if it reacts, if it does you are allergic) ((full back scratch test was..itchy and annoying)) guess who was still allergic to dogs, as well as cats, grass and cockroaches?! Yea not ideal, but then we started working with a daily dose of controlled antihistamines and other medications. And after a while we got it down. So yea I am still allergic, and yea coming home is not the best thing health wise, but hey it doesn't kill me, I have it down to a point where I have a mild case of the sniffles. 

There is one little side effect to all that I have described.

I have actually started to like these silly little sausages. 

Its strange, especially as I am well aware that they are bad for me, but honestly over about 2 years these little bastards have grown on me. I mean come on look at this! 

Flying dachshund! 

The one pictured there is Frankie, the thinner and more energetic of the two. Frankie is the one that takes off after, well anything actually. Frankie is ball dog, loves new toys and gets upset if you are not in the mood to play. Or cant. I have found more than once if i'm cooking I get a toy put at my feet and then he starts to whine if I wont play. Other times I'm in another room minding my own business, and he will come and give me the puppy eyes and nudge my leg until I pay attention to him, then he will make me follow him to wherever the latest toy has been put so he cannot reach it and whine and gesture to it. The latest and therefore best toy at the current time is the purple ring. 

The ring is best.

Wish you could hear the sound effects from the picture below. While waiting for me to throw this it is a combination of whining and barking. 

Happy Dog?

The other dog is Oscar, or as we have taken to calling him, fat dog. or Log dog because he is now log-shaped, he no longer goes in after the ribs. 

Oscar does not really chase the toys, not like Frankie. What he will do is hold onto them to stop Frankie having them, just hold them and keep them. 

Fat dog! na na na na na na na na FAT DOG! 

Urm if you didn't get that, its supposed to go with the batman theme tune.... 

Right that's it, think I've waffled on long enough about the silly sausages for now, sorry you may have taken 5 mins out of your day to listen to mad dachshund lady two. Top spot goes to my mother, here is a sample of things from her FB wall. Enjoy and as always, thanks for reading xxx

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