Saturday, 20 July 2013

Book Art Supply Cubby

Book Art Supply Cubby 

Well I kept seeing lots of other bloggers who are far more creative than myself making books with hidey holes. The Glue Gun Girl did a rather good one. You can find it Here. :)

So I decided to have a crack at it myself. 

I started with an old book I had picked up in the hope of it being useful for a paper I was writing. It was unfortunately not of much use for reference material however it was a nice big book in pretty good condition.  So I decided that I wanted to make use of it :)

After I had hollowed out the book, by ruling out on the size of the space I wanted, and took a scalpel to it, and the good thing was that after cutting one page it left an outline on the next, and the page outline was a marker for where to cut the next to keep it the same size.  Then When I had reached the back page I applied plenty of PVA glue to make sure pages stayed where they were, and then I started to paint the inside of the front page. 

I tried keeping it with a blotch background. 

After the background was done I started adding some details. I was thinking about a fairy scene despite my ability to paint figures. So the first thing that was added was a toadstool. 

A Little more detail creeps in

The thing I really like about putting a lot of paint is that when it is dry, you can close your eyes you can still feel the rough shape, especially the red cone type flower. 

After this I wish I had not added this next bit but hey retrospect is a lovely thing isn't it? :)

I have just started to add the leaves but I confess I really do not like them. I also have no photos of them at the moment. I will actually have a look at it when I am back in the uk to see how easily it can be covered up.  At the moment I am trying to keep all my acrylic paints in there, as well as my stamps however it cannot hold both so I do need to sort it out. 

Anyway Just fancied sharing it with you tonight, Hope you are all having a nice day and once again, thanks for reading :) xx

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