Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Music Maddness

Music Madness

Well hello there my lovelies, I thought that since i'm doing not enough at the moment and am aware some people are fortunate yet unfortunate to have jobs currently that I would try and share something fun in the form of music, and ask any of you out there to suggest similar tracks if you so wish.

Soooo basically currently I am back home in Dubai, laughing as my friends in the UK complain about the heat. It was 23 degrees in Portsmouth today, however here in the glorious Middle East it was 41 degrees and its predicted to get a little hotter this week. Am resisting being 'that person' saying something similar to the last sentence with the phrase 'suck it up and stop complaining' but i'm trying to be nice to everyone. ever. Like a sugar coated rainbow. I don't think people are falling for it and my inner evil is being sensed. 

Sooo anyways I thought that to get me in a good mood a good song is usually the ticket, especially if im say in a kitchen cooking or even in my room being antisocial on the internet. I like to dance, which I cannot do. I really cannot dance, the phrase two left feet comes no where near describing the horror of me attempting to move various parts of my body. I think I need to create a new description, something along the lines of:

"She dances like someone with a broken foot, trying to shake a clinging octopus from her hair while solving a sodoku."

Basically i'm not sure what i'm doing, no one else is either and throw in a large dollop of awkwardness and weirdness and you sort of end up with me.  

So here are the top songs I have been doing 'that' to. Enjoy and feel free to list any good songs in the comments below, I love hearing what other people with better taste than me are listening to :) 

Sorry I realise its a tad all over the place genre wise but that's how I tend to put it on. Sporadically. 

As always thank you for reading xx

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