Friday, 6 September 2013

Christmas in August

Christmas in August 

I cannot recommend having holidays at non-holiday times enough! No seriously there is something ever so fun about suddenly deciding to have a Christmas dinner in late August. 

This was not in fact my family being odd for once, this all started because of some family friends who discovered an extra Christmas pudding in the cupboard that was close to expiring. Said Christmas pudding was due to an over ordering in my family on Tesco online, I think we wanted two puddings, someone clicked too much and we ended up with four. Then my grandmother announced she had bought us a 'luxury' Christmas pudding so too many puddings were had! 

This then in turn lead to gifting puddings left and right, one of which went to these particular family friends. So in some small way we are responsible for Christmas in August and what fun it was!!

So when we were invited to this unusual dinner I of course decided it was time to whip out the gingerbread! 

 Gingerbread houses being modelled by the lovely Nancy :)

Here they are just iced in pairs and drying so they can be assembled 

Mostly assembled, as you can see I use a variety of cans and bottles to prop up the sides while the icing dries.  Mushy peas are rather effective. 

 The almost finished gingerbread houses. There were originally more trees and a moose gingerbread cookie to add to the scenery but they met with an untimely disaster of the Nom variety. 

Hope you had a giggle at this, recipe to follow shortly :) 

as always thanks for reading xx

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