Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Evening at the Hard Rock

Hard Rock Café

What can I say, the Hard Rock Café has always been generally awesome and they do pop up around the world. So Far I have visited the Phucket,   Cairo, Pattaya and the first and second in Dubai. Allow me to explain. Dubai once had the Hard Rock café almost on my doorstep. It was awesome and  it had two big guitars and was pretty un-mistakable. 

Unfortunately it ended up going out of business so for a while Dubai was hard-rock- less. I recently got a peek at the old one. Lets say its not looking nearly as awesome as it once did. Now it just looks sad. 

So anyway the new one. About 4 years later they re opened, Hurray! The only bad part is that the new location instead of being a 5 minute drive, is now about a 30 minute drive. But overall I would say it is worth it!  The new one is bigger and better. More memorabilia  same great food, just more of it, and more booths! I love booths and this place caters to that. 

This is the view from our regular booth, you can just make out the drum kits and the other instruments. The band came out later at about nine and by that time the cocktails had arrived, and the mood for photo's had passed. That is also a nice big screen above said instruments and I don't know about you but if a good song is playing I'm usually curious about the music video so Its handy for that purpose.  Watching Queen on the big screen is hard to fault lets face it. 

Right onto the good bit. The food. 
This particular visit was myself, parents, Smeagle and some family friends Chris and Norma who are great fun and loud. They can definitely be heard over the speakers. 

The lovely Nancy (right), and Norma (left).

One thing that my family doesn't tend to do is order starters which is something I aim to change because starter menu's are great at harbouring little goodies. Thankfully Chris in particular heavily suggested we order something and we were persuaded into ordering the big daddy of all starters. 

This is the jumbo starter assortment. Do not be fooled, it looks like little bits and bobs and sauce but I tell you this now, it lies! After having a few little nibbles from this I immediately regretted ordering a main meal at all, it was rather filling but soo good. There is coleslaw up top with a few choice spring rolls sticking out, round the edge onion rings, fried chicken tenders, chicken wings (especially do not trust), and a few potato skins with cheese and onion. Now how do I put this delicately, this was fantastic.  The potato was gorgeous  the fried chicken was definitely worthy of the name and the spring rolls were the right combo of crunch and veg.  

The chicken wings. Oh those little things. Their real name on the menu is the 'heavy metal chicken wings,' and if that causes a raised eyebrow believe me the name is deserved. They arrive and they look little and yummy so you go for one. The first one is lovely, chickens well cooked and the sauce is nice, a tad spicy but you feel you can handle it...for all of 10 seconds. These little devils were ticking time bombs of hellfire, and god were they good! Seriously I like a good bit of spice and I found myself wavering at the end. 

Seb managed half a wing, Graham managed 2, I managed 4 and a half, the half courtesy of Seb. I do not know how many Norma had but there was no shortage of them. Chris, now how do I put this.... Chris ordered his own portion, with extra sauce and then ended up finishing ours as well. I have no idea how, i really do not but I tip my hat to him he can handle his spice. He also seemed to have a impressive knack to get all the meat from the bone in one go which baffled me as I tend to knaw and always inevitably end up covered in sauce. 

If you ever find yourself in a Hard Rock and these are on the menu I definitely recommend them, they are really good but be warned, these are not for the weak hearted! 

Overall It was a fantastic  chilled evening. Music was good, Band came on and we alright, shame really. Food was the star of the show, as were the cocktails. I'm afraid the strawberry Daquri tasted as if the alcohol was missing but the Tropical Rock, as always is a welcome treat, especially if you order the wings. 

Hope this has been somewhat helpful, thanks for reading.

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