Saturday, 6 April 2013

Graham's Chocolate Birthday

Graham's Chocolate Birthday 

So this holiday while I was back home, it happened to be my Dad, Graham's birthday. When thinking what to do for it there was one idea that really appealed which was to get a alphabet chocolate mould and make a card that said happy birthday, in chocolate letters.  In the end I decided to stick them on a chocolate cake, with chocolate butter cream. When in doubt, chocolate!! 

Here is my chocolate mould, it was found in Marks and Spencers, its not too big but it does make some nice little blocks with letters. 

I also happened to find some little fish moulds from Ikea that are designed for ice but they worked for chocolate as well. 

The reason white chocolate was used was so that I could add some food colouring to it. The only problem with adding food colouring is because when you add it to molten chocolate, the chocolate starts to solidify, it also solidifies unevenly so once you add it, get mixing and pour it quick. 

 Set aside are three little ramekins, the idea being one for each colour. I decided to only dye the fish rather than the letters because the letters took more time to pour and level. Fish are easier. And the ever present bunny phone. 

 Melting the chocolate. 

 What is it about molten chocolate that is just ever so lovely?  The smell was rather good I must say. 

Dying the blue fish. 

I ended up making two of each colour fish before the chocolate ran out. I also made all the letters that were possible with the first batch. All the letters are only present once so obviously a second (and third batch) ended up being made. 

When everything was done there were enough letters to spell out 'Happy Birthday Graham.' However my family is a little bit like a swarm of locusts and before a nice finished product picture could be taken the cake was ever so slightly cut and started to be eaten. This is the closest picture I have to the finished product. 

In the end though it was a very nice cake, chocolate-tastic and Graham appreciated the letters and me thinks some more messing around the the letter mould is in order.

Hope you are having a lovely day, wherever you are x

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