Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Graham's Birthday Dinner

Graham's Birthday Dinner

Well as my last post was about making Graham's birthday cake decorations, this one is a nice follow up with that following evening. 

Graham said he wanted to go to the Rivington Grill.  None of us had ever been so it seemed like a nice idea and Graham, being the birthday boy got to chose. The restaurant is located in the Souk Madinat Jumeirah, which is a nice little area, and very pretty to walk round. 

Its a very pretty area.  The bar itself was very nice, decoration was minimalistic with a beach-y feel. Lots of white.  

When we arrived it was quiet, but within about half an hour it was bustling, waiters and waitresses were rushing around and the room did start to smell of the grill far more. The smell of cooking fish was everywhere, it smelled rather good. 

The first little treat that arrived was oysters. Nancy rather likes oysters, and ordered enough so that I could try one. It was a new experience I must say. Lots of dithering and embarrassing on my part. I had to try about three times before actually trying to swallow it. I think the table got a giggle from my deliberating. 

I managed it though! Graham and  I were on the cocktails. I ordered a Mai Tai which was very nice. 

However after trying Grahams Mojito I had terrible drink envy. His was better, but I suppose the birthday boy deserves the better drink, or at least not have me pinching sips when he wasn't looking. 

The main course arrived and I unfortunately forgot to take any pictures. Sorry, I was distracted by yummy food! I did have a few nice snaps of Nancy and Graham. Seb is always elusive to photograph, for all the photos he takes, he seems to dislike being in them.  I did manage to snap one of him though. 

A very nice shot of Nancy here :)

A nice one of the cheeky birthday boy, and a slightly less cheeky one. 

Seb being distracted by a coke rather than covering his face with his hand. Makes a nice change. 

The night was topped off with a sticky toffee pudding and an Irish coffee. Again I don't seem to have the knack of getting the camera out before the food starts to disappear.  It was rather nice, the sauce would have been a sweet pudding on its own if you had it in a 
little pot. That may be my sweet tooth talking though. 

The Irish coffee was stunning, strong but in a good way. It warmed you right up, if only this had been in the UK. The effect was a little lost in the UAE under the air conditioner. 

It was a very nice evening. Nice food and a very pleasant atmosphere but the main thing was the company. It's always lovely to be back with my family and it was great to be here for a birthday. 

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