Friday, 26 April 2013

Goodbye Dubai

Goodbye Dubai 

I do rather hate leaving! I always miss home when the uni term starts again but unfortunately it does have to happen.  

I am truly naff at goodbyes. Then again do you ever hear anyone boast that they are really good at goodbyes? I don't think anyone enjoys them.  When I say I am naff, I mean it. Normally there are tears and red eyes and that sense of embarrassment if, say you are in an airport with lots of other people pretending not to look. Not fun, or dignified. 

I shall miss Dubai for a variety of reasons. Nancy always keeps the fridge stocked to the brim, lovely being around my insane family again, and heck even the silly sausage dogs seem to mildly like me now. 

Ahh well always focus on the positives, as Nancy was sad about my departure I thought up this list of good reasons I was leaving.

- There will be more food in the house
- There will be more booze in the house
- Diet cokes will stop evaporating quite so quickly
- Less washing and washing up
- Less dog barking
-Less allergic reactions to worry about 
- Less people to question when things go missing, such as the blender
- I will stop stealing your frozen mango? 

Anyway trying not do dwell on the leaving part so here are a few of Seb's photos from around Dubai, for remembering purposes. 

A few nice ones of the Dubai skyline and buildings

Fantastic close up of a falcon 

And who can forget the doggies.

Shockingly I think I am going to miss them., they have grown on me and heck who cant giggle at this photo? 

And just sneak in a very nice shot of Nancy to end it all. Missing Dubai! 

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