Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Butter Day!

Butter Day!

So one of the fun things about being home is that, back in Portsmouth I rarely drink. Now stop laughing, it is shockingly true even though I am nuts about cocktails. It’s a combination of the price and the ever increasing size of my butt.  So when I come home I somehow manage to forget my butt is threatening to develop its own orbit and I start playing with my parent’s extensive selection of alcoholic beverages.  My dad, Graham is fantastic  we did a booze run together to this massive place in Ras Al Khaimah, It is not so much a lack of alcohol shops in Dubai, there are a few, but this place is something else! So when we did this shop Graham casually goes "anything you want while we are here?" and from there the madness begins. At the beginning of the month we went and a few extra bottles may have migrated into the shopping cart because of me. The most interesting I must say from playing with it this month, has been the butterscotch liqueur.  We grabbed a bottle because I was curious about it, thinking back to Harry Potter drinking butter beer and knowing I had a recipe for that somewhere, or knowing if all else failed that the YouTube channel “You Deserve A Drink,” would have me covered. If you have never seen it and your tolerance for terrible puns is high, go check it out. I love watching it however the puns and gags are horrendous, do not watch in the same room as say your mother, or anyone you are trying to impress.

So back to the Butterscotch liqueur, I was disappointed to see that all of the Butterbeer recipes were mostly along the lines of, “get a beer, get a shot of butterscotch liqueur, and add them together.” Alternatively there were quite a few which were mega complicated involving tablespoons of butter, and more than one kind of sugar, cream was almost always used and it involved making syrups, making different parts, making a topping etc. Basically very fatty and mega time consuming and complicated. Also always with no actual alcohol which I was rather hoping for in butterBEER. So I had a play around today with what was in the house! 

Here is what I came up with!

Number 1

Coke and Butterscotch 
Caramel Coke

I will say i'm not always a fan of adding things to coke. I never got the big trend of Jack Daniels and coke or Amaretto and coke. I must say this though, not as bad as I thought it would be reading the 'sort-of-recipe,' online. If  you add too much I can imagine it being sickly and ending up being a drink that sits at the edge of your desk and you occasionally give it a horrible glance. 

Number 2

(Mega)Basic Butterbeer

Next up, general beer and butter. Saw this in a few places, one involving adding a high ethanol alcohol to make it a flaming shot. The idea behind that one was that you add the shot of high ethanol alcohol and butterscotch to a beer, on fire, which causes it to fizz over meaning you have to either have a wet, sticky floor or you chug. I'm sorry to report that I didn't much fancy either of those options so the boring option it is! 

The weapon of choice here was Heineken for one simple reason. The house is full of the stuff. Whenever Graham throws a shindig he stocks up and I have no idea when he thinks 'I need beer for people,' he picks Heineken. There are various other nicer choices. But for this it will suffice. The fact that these were small glasses helped. 

Now this drink I found the hardest to estimate how much butterscotch to add. There seemed to be a fine line between 'Oh butter,' and 'Oh my lord, drowning in buttery goodness.'  Either way not my sort of drink, however I think if you are a big beer drinker and maybe have a killer sweet tooth this could be your cup of tea, or butterbeer. 

Number 3


This one did sound appealing. This reminds me of having butterscotch sauce on ice cream after school sometimes. Only sometimes though because I was always far more eager for chocolate sauce, but butterscotch was always a close second. 

This recipe basically was butterscotch liqueur like some fantastic alcoholic sauce, milk and vanilla ice cream. Add in whatever proportions you fancy and mix together. Sweet and creamy this was a mega easy, alcoholic ice cream milkshake. I actually really liked this one, especially after the other two. I went easy on the butter because too much and this would be too sweet, about half a shot to a regular glass full of ice cream, milk mix seemed right. 

Number 4

A banana rip-off of number 3.

While browsing recipes involving butterscotch I did keep finding the same few ingredients paired together, One was Baileys which I am currently out of, the other was Banana liqueur  So hoping to reduce ingredients banana was then added to the mixture above after I was done with it. Must say just as nice! Who would have thought butter and banana worked so well together. Not me for one. 

Number 5. 

The last idea was to add Butterscotch to a White Russian, a drink I am rather partial too. 
Basic White Russian is Kahalua  Vodka and milk so in this case add as much Butterscotch as Kahalua which is normally one or two shots. For this I only used one. 

To Milk adding the  vodka and Butterscotch. Then comes the Kahalua. 

This was very nice, perhaps even on par with a normal white Russian  I would definitely make this again! Buttery Russians, who knew? 

So overall this was my general ranking of these drinks. 

The best was the Butter Russian, the second was the butter, banana ice cream. Third was the plain Butter ice cream, fourth was the caramel cola and last was the basic butter beer. 

Hope this gives some one out there an idea

Posting again soon x

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