Monday, 15 April 2013

Random Snaps

Random Snaps 

I am sorry, its been a while since my last post. I have felt that there wasn't too much to blog about lately so instead here is a random compilation of shots from around Dubai. A little info about each and some random pictures. I know its not the usual types of posts on here but I would hate the few people who glance at this to get bored! 

First up a few from round the house. Nancy with one of the doggies. This one is Oscar I believe,  Frankie has much rounder eyes and always looks sad. Oscar on the other hand always seems to be posing for the camera. 

Next up a few from the house and things, When I moved out my brother Seb moved into my room and his old room became....yea a pool table room. Honestly I don't know who would have been happier, Seb or my dad. 

This week I tried my hand at pottery yet again, with disastrous results. The idea was to make a little house that you could put a tea light in and the light would shine out of the windows however the clay was made thin (by me), and when assembled with a bit of glue at the end, the tea light made the glue start to melt. No idea what will become of it, for now it is just sitting there looking lopsided with its detached roof. 

Next from Harvey Nicholas in Mall of The Emirates. When you think of Harvey Nics what springs to mind? Luxurious fashion, odd window displays, maybe even like me you have had the annoying experience of shopping attendants or assistants eyeing you up, deciding you are most likely not going to buy anything and then following you around the shop just in case you track in the scent of the lower class?

Try a crystal encrusted foosball table. Its real I assure you. Silver gold and platinum are all featured, the figures inside are silver and gold and if you have the money and are thinking how well this will fit in with the rest of your possessions, than you have more money than sense and should give me some.  

The reason I was in Harvey Nicholas in the first place was shopping for Graham's birthday last week. Far from it, as the present I actually found for him was from here.  This is a little plant shop set up behind one of the big supermarkets in Jumeriah. Prices are good and so are the plans, Graham's seasonal green thumb has spread up his arm like some sort of botanical gangrene and that means we need more plants. I asked him what he liked and we ended up leaving with lots of things, the biggest being his new Fig tree from me. I also may have taken a shine to the sunflower in the picture, they are my favourites.

Here we have the Nancy featured out of her natural habitat of a hospital setting, brandishing a needle and making sure everyone is alright, or alternatively sitting  in the house with a chubby Daschund on her lap. Here is an slightly warm Nancy waiting to get the car back from being serviced. Don't let the smile fool you, we were all melting in the 40 degree weather while someone searched for the car despite telling us it was ready. 

Lastly an oldie found at the back of my camera, myself and my university tutor group all wired up to play with the Polygraph machine. Long story short they are unreliable, do not actually detect lies and please if ever you are being encouraged to take one, don't  They are so flawed I do not understand how they are legal! 

Right sorry for the naff post, I promise I will get something better knocked out tomorrow! Thank you for reading, if anyone is reading xx

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