Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Welcome to the Research Cubicle

Welcome to the Jungle Research Cubicle

Hallo peeps and right off the bat I hope everyone's having a better day than me.  Not that my day is the worst day possible, its just pushing my buttons a little so by that logic I am hoping all of your days are fantastic. I hope wherever you are the sun is shinning, everyone is nice to you and whatever you eat today will taste that little bit better.

Here, have a pretty parrot. 

Today is one of those days that I have scheduled for research time. Basically I confine myself to my box and organise for as many people as the grant money this week will fund, to come and do this study. Today is the second session, last week people were shown a rather odd video and asked to try to remember as much as possible. This week they are coming back in and will tell me what they can remember with a few psychology devices thrown in for good measure. 

welcome to my cubicle ;)

If anyone has a burning curiosity to see the video, and believe me I know that wont be most of you here is a link to it on youtube. 

The most annoying thing about running studies is that innevitably participants cancel, cannot make the times you set or just do not show up and give no notice. I have had all of these happen today and most annoyingly from my friends and people I know. I litterally cant pay my friends to do my study today. 

Please do my study.


You get 5 pounds....


Ahh well at least I have some breaks today in which to browse eBay a little, currently in the market for a digital camera, also gives me time to draft this and add a few pics when I get home. 
Hayden is also running a study a few doors down, he has been having the same problems with participants. We are supposed to be running another study together this week but this one has no funding so we are trying to figure out how to lure about a hundred people to our study using only sweets. This does not sound like fun.  

Me thinks some unwinding and chill time is in order tonight. 

Toodles and thanks for reading x

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