Sunday, 17 February 2013

Meet The Hamsters

 Meet The Hamsters 

In my last post there was a brief mention of these little guys, and I think they deserve a little more attention. 

This is Jeremy and Pip. Jeremy aka Jeremy Clarkson is my little guy and you can differentiate him as he has the white patch on  his forehead.  Pip is Hayden's and he is names after Pip from Great expectations. 

These are Roborovski hamsters, and they do look a bit like a mix of mice and hamsters as they have big mouse like ears and the longest tails of any hamster breed. You may have an inkling from the name but these guys are originally from Russia. I do sometimes imagine them wearing little boots and a little sheepskin hat. 

Recently Jeremy seems to have gone a little crazy. These guys are nocturnal so you would not expecct them to be awake any time before at least 11pm, however Jeremy has started coming out at 2 to 4pm. A little research revealed this quote from wikipedia:

"Roborovskis are known for their speed and have been said to run an equivelant of four human marathons each night on average."

At least the running is mildly normal, he just seems to be taking it a little overboard. That and he just seems to look evil. The other day walking into the room, he was clinging to the wall, upside down, just scowling out at the world. Exorcist hamster?

Pip on the other hand looks like a little sweetie who wouldn't hurt a fly, complete lie of course. While I suspect Jeremy is possessed, Pip is the one who took a chunk out of my thumb this week when they both were given their first bath. I assure you this was not just for a giggle at moist rodents as they do shrink when their fur gets wet and look pitiful in that oh so adorable way. They needed the wash and while they were drying off their sawdust and food was all changed and their tubes were scrubbed so cleaner all around! :)

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