Saturday, 16 February 2013

Hair Dye, Peanut Butter Icing and Buffy

Hair Dye, Peanut Butter Icing and Buffy

So this was a semi-lazy morning. The alarm valiantly went off at 8 trying to sing the promises of the day, playing Stacy's Mom by fountains of Wayne no less......and was promptly silenced by the dismiss button. Sorry alarm, good song but it is Saturday. 

Quick trip to Tesco's for bread as the gremlins had run away with it, and somehow it morphed into a cheeky spend, buying some milk so coffee was possible, bought some doughnuts of the jammy variety, and some cream cheese and peanut butter for the cupcakes I made yesterday. I would give details but honestly they are cupboard cupcakes e.g I just grabbed bits and bobs from the cupboard and mixed them together to see what would be created. Thought about referring to them as Frankensteins but they are cupcakes and that makes them sound less nom-able.

Made a very nice icing with the cream cheese mixed with about a half cup of sugar and three good spoons of peanut butter. Took a good bit of mixing as the the cheap hand mixer is a little like myself and prefers things with a break in the middle.  

In the end though it resulted in funky little cupcakes that definitely look home made, and look particularly small next to my new favourite mug.  

Today was the day pegged on the wall planner as 'funk up the wig.' While my bright pink hair is missed, it is not the time for it to resurface. This term at Uni I have been trying my best to appear as a good, sensible student. Part illusion as part of my brain will forever be in the inappropriate teenage phase and will giggle at anything. However not having neon pink hair helps quite a bit. 

A compromise has been reached!
 I am putting a pink streak back
 into my hair, and this is the 
physical representation of my
 rebellious/silly streak. While it
 will still mean my team at the 
pub quiz cannot be 'Pinkie and
 the Brains,' It makes me happy,
 and may even remind me where
 my fringe starts in the morning. 

While waiting for the dye to develop I peeked at the tube of You's and was disappointed that none of my regulars had really uploaded anything so decided to pick a episode of an older series. Was in the mood for something with good music so decided on the Musical episode of Buffy, 'One More Time, With Feeling,' rather than the Scrubs Musical episode mostly because it has been watched to death. 

Listening to the Hamsters, or rather one of them, run in the wheel. Not sure why he is even awake as its almost 2pm and they are nocturnal so shouldn't be awake for another say 10 hours...Go figure, strange little psycho. 

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