Friday, 15 February 2013

In the beginning the Universe was created.
 This has made a lot of people very angry 
and been widely regarded as a bad move

So hello and welcome to what I hope will not be a disaster of a blog. Have wanted to do a blog for a while and finally have the bottle to give it a go! Still not 100% sure what I am going to do with this space as I think my mishmash of interests will not appeal to everyone but hey I am a big believer of learning by doing and you learn more from mistakes than success. 

So may as well get the intro done with now, I rather dislike talking directly about me, I would much rather have a picture and description of something I have done or made rather than a picture of myself. Partly that cameras seem to lurk in dark bushes and ambush me like some form of prey while i'm looking the other way or covered in cake you do. 

I used to live in Dubai which was great fun, My rents are still there with my younger brother at the moment.

Now though I have left the sun and the warmth for the UK for University

I am currently studying Forensic Psychology at the University of Portsmouth, (and loving it!)

In my spare time I have a few hobbies.... Archery and Circus for the moment.

Its very handy that my little brother is into photography in a big way so I have him to thanks for the above photos. Turns out that photographing spinning fire is tricky...

I feel like I do not have much to add here at the moment, this writing session is beginning to feel a bit like an interview, the questions are over and I'm sitting here twiddling my thumbs and feeling the blood migrate to my face. I am basically expecting this to not be read and to end up much like one of my mental tangents, in my head and only heard by me.....

Ahh well, I can only hope at some point someone will read this and giggle to themselves. Please be doing that right now. :) 

Anyway Im out of coherent ramblings for the moment, hopefully will design something eye catching to go down the sides of this page soon to liven things up and worst case more pictures to follow. 

Thanks for reading :)

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