Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Tuesday Wind-down

Tuesday Wind-down

Well as you may have read in the last post my day had started a  little under- whelmingly. I do dislike being pumped up to do a good chunk of work and then the spanners start to creep in on their little legs and when backs are turned they hurl themselves into the inners of nice planned machines. 

After a less than stellar participant session there was a bit of a gap so I helped out some other students who are also running studies. It would be nice if someone would volunteer for mine just to help and be nice, so give what you aim to get. Hopefully down the road they will repay the favour. Alternatively I can poke them with a pointy stick into the study room. That's not to bad right?

After that there was a group meeting for a upcoming coursework piece where we went over some complicated statistics that need to be right basically. If you know anything about stats you may have come across the term ANOVA. In simple terms this is a complicated test that compares everything to everything else and tells you what affects and interacts with what.  This time we  are investigating which requires more attention, physical or mental tasks. This mostly comprised of me trying to hold back giggles as we made people touch their noses with different fingers and generally making them do silly things in the name of psychology. 

After stats there was about an hour and a half before this weeks late lecture. Even though its almost the end of semester two it still feels weird to go to a lecture at 6 when lots of people are heading to the pub. 

So in this little gap I decided to be a little naughty. A little trip to Poundland ended with one rather girly shopping basket. Retail therapy means that my windowsill is now adorned with a new French vanilla candle, some new incense sticks, some new Herbal/gerbil essences conditioner and some V05 shampoo. 
I am a sucker for good smellies really. 

 There may have also been some caramel eggs but that is another story....

Now the problem with caramel eggs is that I like them, rather a lot. A lot, A LOT! If left to my own devices they vanish faster than should be physically possible. So today Hayden became the egg Nazi and rationed my egg stash. Upside they lasted longer so they felt like a better use of my pound. Bad news, I couldn't just sneak one when it was fancied. It also meant they were taken out of my paws when I tried to sneak them, They were hidden in pockets and on one occasion as a punishment one ended up going for a swim in a pint of Guinness. (Still tasted fab when the alcohol magically vanished!)  They were finally demolished during the lecture but with intervals of about 20 - 30 mins and some shameful begging and puppy dog eyes on my part. 

The evening culminated with dinner, the plan was meatballs and spaghetti however on inspections meatballs had not leapt into the basket during the last wander round Tesco's  Instead some pasta was boiling and there was an odd sachet of vegetarian chilli mix in my magic cupboard so with some tinkering it ended up with a bit more veg, some tomato purée and a few little dabs of curry paste. It may not sound like your cup of tea but I assure you in the end I was more than happy with it. Was a nice little tongue igniting change that left my mouth all tingly.  Have had a little session of Spiral Knights, a free online game with a decent soundtrack, and am now chilling in bed with my trusty hot water bottle. Planning on making it a new cover soon as its current on is in a state of more tear than wear. May take some snaps in case anyone wants to see my daft idea to put a pocket on each side for my hands/paws. 

One last little snippet from the evening. I always think cooking, especially experimental tinkering should be done to a good soundtrack or beat. My trust Ipod and dock has pride of place in the kitchen and today is no exception so just in case anyone is looking for something new to listen to here is my current top 3 listens. :) Enjoy 

Nero - Promices:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VfEhQsRnesQ

The Lonley Island: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GI6CfKcMhjY


Julie Fowlis - Into The Open Airhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vnkWMKOtXk4

Its a bit of a mix or mishmash but so are most peoples taste. 

Hope everyone has had a nice day xxx

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