Sunday, 24 February 2013

Nice, Relaxing Weekend

Nice, Relaxing Weekend

Hope everyone has had a nice weekend, although it is almost over still technically the weekend :)

Portsmouth has been cold this week, Thinking the worst was over hats and scarves were bundled away and laundry was done thinking it may be dry in under 3 days....I fell for the ruse and was lulled into a false sense of security until the snow re appeared on Friday with a vengeance.  So back to silly hats, and the senseless questioning of the weather.  

Some things however never change. The hot water bottle never left my side, the giant mug of coffee or tea is always peeking out from behind the screen and although made slightly worse by the cold, the urge the leave the warmth of the bedsheets is always difficult to escape. 

Most people at some point go out on weekends, clubs, bars etc. I am much more inclined to stay at home in my pj's all day if possible. The pj's in question are awesome, they are blue with little Scottie dogs from Hayden, accompanied by purple booties to protect the toes from the dreaded cold kitchen floor.

The weekend started with a trip to Tesco for 'supplies.'  Goodies mostly, a caramel egg, a bunch of Daffodils and a new naughty bottle of Coke.  

I may be sad but a full cupboard makes me happy :) 

This weekend was devoted to getting a report done, its due on Wednesday and I did mean to be a better student and have it done and dusted by now, however this week has been a tad hectic so this weekend is time to get it done. I can happily say it is almost there, a tad more work and it should be good to go! 

Previous strategies have been odd, the numbers on there are a word count eg at 1000 words a juggle break was permitted and by the time 1300 words was reached the booze was cracked open. 

I was also a bit bad this weekend and used some of the things in said cupboard, from the middle shelf aka the baking shelf. Everyday things go on the bottom, and goodies and non necessities are on top. 

Cheeky chocolate cupcakes with purple frosting and chocolate shavings. Its the weekend so its allowed, right?

They do resemble the ones featured in The cat in the hat a little 

Some chocolate shavings managed to attach themselves...

And finally a few little silver and gold balls. While these were being added I had to stop Hayden from eating them from the packet. 

Now i'm off to watch Firefly and eat one (or two) of these little puppies.

Toodles x

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