Saturday, 21 September 2013

Killing Time With The Internet

Killing Time With The Internet

So have you ever been in the sort of mood where nothing quite works? Doing work doesnt work for you, gaming or reading, nope. I even made some nice cupcakes. Still was feeling restless.

So what did I end up doing in this mood of annoyance. I started browsing the weirdest sites on the internet and eventually stumbled across this:

if you go to this you can end up in a few weird places for example:

Slightly relevant if you are a Futurama fan: 

I think my overall favorite from all of this time killing and browsing has to be  this

and  (don't touch the cup)

All of the websites are safe, I promise and there you go a inside you never asked for into one of my least productive evenings EVER. Im off to go watch YouTube in bed with my hot water bottle and look forward to tomorrow when I have actual plans with other human beings.

As always thanks for reading (hope you are having a better night that me)

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