Friday, 13 September 2013

Happy Birthday Nancy!

Happy Birthday Nancy! 

So today is a special day, today is my yummy mummy's birthday! 

Hopefully she will not kill me for putting a load of photos of her on my blog. We can hope. 

So yes in lieu of a card I am doing a birthday blog post for nutty nurse mother. 

So currently I am in my new place in Portsmouth with the Hayden, and the rest of the Porter clan are in sunny Dubai. (totally not missing home and the heat, I do so love wearing thick rugby socks in September) So the point is I am not able to be there in person, and sending a card alone, no presents is a postage nightmare, so instead this is my birthday blog post for Nancy the Awesome.  

So this is the Nancy

Browsing through her facebook I found a few choice, lovely pictures of her:

And because no one in my family is completely sane I found far more 'fun' photos from various holidays and adventures my family have been on:

 On this particular fishing trip guess who caught the biggest fish. One massive barracuda 

Nancy swinging through the trees in Thailand. 

And if I were there no doubt some sort of Daschund related birthday card would appear:

So Nancy although I cannot be there in person I do wish you a fantastic birthday with Graham and the Smeage:

Hope you have an amazing time at the noodle house and everything tastes amazing (I am jealous) 

And if I were there I would make some sort of birthday cake :)

Either way I hope you have a fantastic time and do not end up like this from too much cake and noodles:

But in all seriousness I hope you have a fantastic day, minimum idiots show up at your work, Graham and Seb make a huge fuss of you and that you have a great night! See you later on Skype. 

Love Olly  

P.s finding all of the birthday images made me think, why do I not have this????

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