Friday, 22 March 2013

Sick Day

Sick Day

Lets face it, no one likes being sick. Little kids like faking being sick because that normally means staying in from school and eating lots of ice cream. As an 'adult' not so much. Today ice cream is the last thing I want. I feel cold, and it seems to be staying put. 

Hayden has been beyond amazing today. We both have a lot of work to do at the moment and lets face it every University student at the moment is stressing because it is deadline week. If you are anything like me then stress just does not agree with you. Stress causes me to be kind of grumpy, on edge, freak out and does no favours to my skin! The other thing is that stress impacts your immune system, so most people are more open to nasty little things. At the beginning of the month Hayden got the sniffles and was not feeling too peachy. A little bit of TLC and he was soon back to his usual self. Then I picked them up and suddenly all hell broke lose. I'm writing this from bed where he has tucked me, and my head is pounding and all the tissues in the world could not clear my pounding head. 

Hayden has been fantastic though, i'm all tucked up in bed in my favourite cardigan and pj's, he has brought me a hot coffee and a squash and keeps offering me anything he thinks i could want. The latest is my headphones in case I wanted to listen to anything :)

He is being far too good to me today. My hair has been brushed, the bedcovers have been wrapped around me turning me into a giant purple worm thing. Now there is some ylang ylang oil being lit and a crunchie has been put next to me when and if I fancy it. 

I am feeling well and truly spoilt :)

Its just a shame really, what I want is sleep but because there is work to do I feel too guilty to sleep. Instead Im just taking it slow and steady. A little work is better than none after all :)

I am sorry for the lack of posts lately, I promise I will get better. At the end of the month I am heading home so I will be posting far more regularly :) 

That and I will have a nicer kitchen to take photos in 

All for now peeps, hoping you are all having a nicer time than me xx

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