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Guilty Pleasures

Guilty Pleasures 

I like my guilty pleasures. Actually I love my guilty pleasures. Then again that's sort of the point isn't it? 

Guilty pleasures are supposed to be enjoyable, that's the pleasure part. It reminds me of the phrase, 'my pleasure,' although I suppose that's more of a response.  

You rarely ever hear someone ask you something a bit like:

Friend: Oh no, I have all of these delicious cakes and I couldn't possibly eat them all myself, or any of them for that matter! Could you please eat all of these delicious, delicious cakes, by yourself. It would make me really happy. 

Me:  (imagine this is a mock sarcastic tone) Oh no....well if you really insist.

What follows in my head is a little something like this. 

File:Pinkie Pie devouring a cake.gif

om nom nom gif

om nom nom gif

That scenario would end in a cake massacre  Not kidding, all the cakes would be gone and a rather pudgy but happy Olly would be sat on the floor licking the plate. 

Then the second part of the title would come in...

The guilt.

Oh the guilt. I do guilt BIG time. But never at the time. At the time all will be sunshine and happiness. Eating the cake or the biscuit or whatever the delicious  delicious item of food is, it will all be rainbows and smiles.

Later the cycle will go 180 degrees and I will chastise past-Olly for eating so much with little thought  I will feel fat and glutinous and tell myself I will not do it again. 

It will most likely happen again. I have a love-hate relationship with food. 

However food is not my only guilty pleasure. 
It does make up a good portion of the list, not going to lie, but its not (quickly double checks) every item on the list.  

If I had to pick 5, these are my favourite guilty pleasures, and yes these are guilty pleasures. I started off planning to do 10, then I saw how much was being written for each and decided that if I wasn't going to send you all fake beards to wear while reading me blather on it was not fair, so instead a shorter list. 


Lets face it, anyone reading this, who has picked up on the personality writing these words has probably guessed it. That and its predictable, and if we are honest, there are very few individuals not partial to the delicious stuff. 

I love chocolate, on its own, milk chocolate, white chocolate, even the odd bit of dark chocolate. I love Crunchies, previous posts caramel eggs were mentioned around Easter time.  If its some way involved, tends to be a winner with me. 

Recently made chocolate bark with Hayden. Bark is basically melted chocolate, in a layer with things added. Traditionally nuts or even biscuit but its one of those fantastic things you can customise and do any way you like.

So what did I add to chocolate......more chocolate. 

I added to milk chocolate, chopped Reeces Peanutbutter Cups, Chopped Mint Aero balls and Smarties. Lets face it, not going to be winning any prizes for healthiness any time soon.

It was fantastic. 

I got the idea from Here. This is a fab blog I check out, and she does have some Fab ideas. 


Let me be clear. I am more than happy to talk about alcohol, research and try alcoholic recipes and joke around about drinking, but I do not overdo it. I'm not the type of student that is at the pub every night, or every weekend for that matter. I do love alcohol, and it is a guilty pleasure, but this is definitely a moderation thing.  Like most teenagers when I first started drinking, I overdid it somewhat. Now however I actually think that drinking less but having nicer drinks is the way to do it.  This is where cocktails come in.

Cocktails are, in my book, downright awesome. I love trying to make them myself but it always seems that cocktails made by someone who has a better knowledge of what they are doing seem nicer in general. For my 20th birthday a few friends and myself and Hayden went to one of my favourite cocktail bars called Bar 38 and a few of my favourite bevies, The Minty Mudslide were had.

I would definatley consider cocktails a guilty pleasure for three reasons.
Firstly alcohol is lovely but dam calorific, Alcohol is not good for my ever increasing waist and bum. Secondly alcohol isn't cheap and at the moment money is something I am trying to cultivate. Student, need I say more? Lastly cocktails, specifically good cocktails, seem like a extravagant treat. If you have something too often it seems less special, I think keeping cocktails in general should be a once in a while, and appreciated more, type deal-ie. 


I imagine most people reading this may be thinking something along the lines of:
‘How can pyjamas be a guilty pleasure?’
Well my dear assumed lady, or fantastic sir, you have clearly not seen the way I pyjama. Also have decided ‘to pyjama’ is now a verb.
I love pyjamas the way some people love pets. I value my pj’s more than any of my other clothes, more than a pair of nice fitting jeans, more than some of my more pricey branded bits n bobs (few and far between), even more than riding boots.
If I do not have to get out of pj’s all day, I won’t. If I come home, full well knowing there are more things to be done that day and I will need to go out again, I will still get back into pj’s. Even though I know full well that sexiness is far removed from my pj’s and that I'm sure my boyfriend would like to see his girlfriend looking attractive. Nope, pj’s, hair bands and bed head, Heck yea!

I love being in pj’s way too much, I love wearing baggy, unflattering shirts and sweat pants. The most unflattering would be a Singha beer vest from Thailand. And of course Haydens baggy shirts are best. Sorry Hayden, I will most likely never stop being the PJ queen.

This is a guilty pleasure, I assure you. The pleasure is apparent I would think, that and the guilt comes from knowing full well its not a sexy look and that at whatever pm I should have put on real clothes and done something productive or just gone outside but would much rather slob around. The other bit of guilt is how much of my wardrobe is pj’s. Probably about 30 – 40%, and that never feels like enough, if wandering through a shop, sexy clothes, fun shoes and lingerie sections, skip right through em. Pj’s all the way. I think if I could have an infinite wardrobe, so many pj’s.



I love YouTube  like really love it! I watch YouTube as if it were TV. I would definitely call this a guilty pleasure because My desire to watch YouTube will outweigh, say, my desire to do coursework, or revise, or leave the house.I could quite happily become a hermit as long as I had funds to keep an internet connection, and to shop online to feed myself.  In particular I watch the same people, and if I find a new person, I tend to watch everything they have ever put on YouTube. I will happily watch every video, even if it is say, 2 to 3 years worth of stuff. Some YouTubers only put up say a 5 to 10 minute video a week like Jenna Marbles, who's videos I look forward to each week, for example:

Other people however such as The Yogscast, upload daily, even more than daily, and their videos can range from 5 to 40 minutes. And when I discovered them I happily spend way too much time, trying to watch everything and anything. Its still going, they have uploaded a mammoth quantity of videos. This summer though I will most likely keep going with the watching. 



I like to bake. A lot. I would rather bake than cook, if it came down to it I would pretty much be happy to make cupcakes than anything else, with the exception of steak or ribs.

I have gone through two Asda's own hand mixers this year, in my defence they are  a bit naff, but on the other hand, they just could not keep up with my baking needs. I have now been given a very nice, better quality mixer, its Phillips I believe, from my awesome dad Graham :) 

Yay for a mixer, but yea not helping the addiction. This term and last term have been riddled with baking bans, mostly enforced by Hayden to try and stop me filling both our cupboards with delicious noms which are not good for the waistline. Or wallet. But mostly the waistline, If I could just eat whatever I wanted with no weight consequences  I guarantee my diet would be so bad it would put Dorian Gray to shame. 

 Pineapple upside down cupcake, with custard 

Milk and dark chocolate chunk cookies

Vanilla muffins with chocolate butter-cream, chocolate muffins with vanilla butter-cream. 

Chocolate cupcakes topped with purple butter-cream, chocolate shavings and sugar balls. 

you get the idea.

Anyway thanks for reading, and feel free to tell me your guilty pleasures in the comments, would be nice to know someone is out there.


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